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A poem about the main energy pathway in the body called the Sushumna Nadi

poem by Malcolm McLean ©2021 Malcolm McLean

In our yoga classes, we sometimes practice the Maha Bandha (the Great Lock) posture. Here is a poetic take on it.

In the midst of the play

Of breath and gravity,

In lines of effort and awareness,

Of bandhas held and loosed…

When this channel is set

And the energies flow,

What energy is


Through your sushumna?

Not nada indeed,

And today that energy could be named and traced,

Examined and reflected upon:


one part regret,

One part chagrin and one part

Fear of my own demise;

Useless thing, can’t be denied.

Just observed, and released

Through tears and breath

Into limbo,

Where all thoughts and memories will follow.

One day,

But not today.

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