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Why buy it? What are the Benefits of Yoga?

The Yoga: Going Within book aims to assist you in exploring the benefits of yoga by simplifying the instructions and building a regular routine. Learn what relaxing yoga poses can do for your body.

Some of the benefits of yoga include:

  • Improved flexibility: if you spend a lot of your time sitting and you’re tired of the pain associated with tight hips and rounded shoulders, yoga can help alleviate this, if not reduce it altogether. Carrying out both active and relaxing yoga poses stretches the body in new ways to increase flexibility and reduces the effects of stiff and tight muscles. With regular practice, you will find yourself becoming gradually more flexible and you’ll notice with this alignment also comes improved posture.
  • Refined balance: as we age, balance becomes more important. Certain poses with yoga, for example Tree pose, are wonderful for developing the core strength necessary to maintain an upright position. It also promotes coordination and a sense of calm. Align your centre of gravity with the earth to bring yourself into a peaceful equilibrium. 
  • Enhanced strength and tone: the strength training associated with certain aspects of a yoga routine work to develop certain muscle groups. Take for example the more intense poses, which force a person to support their own weight more – this increases the level of stress placed upon your muscles and works toward improving tone. 
  • Increased awareness of breath: in times of stress, our breathing increases and we activate the sympathetic nervous system, preparing the body to respond to danger. With this comes a higher blood pressure and heart rate. Deep and controlled breathing can have the reverse effect, reducing your blood pressure and slowing your heart rate. Controlling your breath in this manner allows you to calm your body and mind and influence other aspects of your life.
  • Reduced stress: for good reason, almost everyone references a reduction in stress as one of the benefits of yoga. This is tied to an enhanced sense of self and the abovementioned awareness of breath, both of which naturally lift your mood, reduce self-judgement, and enhance self-compassion.
  • Weight loss: for one thing, the strengthening and toning aspects of yoga contribute to the burning of calories. Reduced stress brings a better night’s sleep, which is also linked to weight reduction. However we mustn’t overlook the fact that when you are more in tune with your body, you naturally develop more conscious eating habits.

You’re invited to enjoy the benefits of yoga and turn time at home into a positive experience by turning off your device, opening this book, and following the clear instructions at your own pace. Not only will you experience reduced screen time, reduced eye strain, and reduced headaches, but through studying the vibrant illustrations pulsing with their own energy, you’ll increase your focus and be able/equipped/empowered to take on the benefits of yoga practice further within yourself.

Book Reviews

Carina Roter
Carina RoterYoga Teacher, Vancouver
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“It is absolutely beautiful. Your description of the poses is fabulous. The illustrations are out of this world fantastic. This whole project is superb. Bravo!”
Pauline Michel
Pauline MichelPoet Laureate of Canada (2004-2006)
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« Bravo pour la publication de ce livre et pour ces cours que tu donnes durant la pandémie. Je suis certaine que ça aide beaucoup de monde à passer au travers cette période difficile. »
Terry Cochran, Professor at Université de Montréal
Terry Cochran, Professor at Université de Montréal@username
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"Finally, a yoga book that teaches and shows us how to become a yogi with elongated grace."
Elizabeth Lewis, Filmmaker and Teacher, Algonquin Highlands, Ontario
Elizabeth Lewis, Filmmaker and Teacher, Algonquin Highlands, Ontario@username
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"I enjoyed the book so much that it inspires me to get back into Yoga practice. As the author points out, it is especially important in this stressful time of Covid to be able to decompress in isolation. The colourful and soothing illustrations accurately depict each of the poses. I hope to pull out the old yoga mat and, with this book, relieve my body and mind."
Catherine Mavrikakis, Professor at Université de Montréal
Catherine Mavrikakis, Professor at Université de Montréal@username
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"These striking images, playful and precise, interwoven with practical guidance and artistry, make for a wonderful introduction to the yoga body and mind."
Charles Leibovitch, Social Worker, Vancouver, B.C.
Charles Leibovitch, Social Worker, Vancouver, B.C.@username
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"The book, the text and illustrations are awe inspiring and a doorway and window to better coping with the isolation and loneliness of COVID."
Michel Faure, Writer, Montreal
Michel Faure, Writer, Montreal@username
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“In our days of social isolation, this introduction to Yoga proves useful and timely. Clearly written and beautifully illustrated, this book should provide a sense of calm and serenity to its readers”.
Ed Harker, Filmmaker, Los Angeles
Ed Harker, Filmmaker, Los Angeles@username
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“A remarkably inspired imagining of the nexus between the physical and spiritual aspects of the human body”
Steve Stober, Photographer, Toronto
Steve Stober, Photographer, Toronto@username
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"Some say yoga is not for everyone. Yoga: Going Within by Malcolm Mclean, with illustrations by Joyce Borenstein, dispels that myth. As someone who has flirted with and practiced yoga consistently for over twenty years, I still consider myself a beginner. Yet I found this book to be accessible to everyone and a joy to read. It is geared for a home practice, for all levels of practitioners. The words describing each pose are encouraging and non-judgmental and the illustrations accompanying each are simply beautiful and powerful, just as the poses themselves are. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking guidance and direction in their home practice."
Teresa Cobrin
Teresa Cobrin@username
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"While I am not a yoga practitioner, I must say I found Yoga: Going Within to be very informative. It gave me great insight into yoga theory and its practice. It’s a good resource for lovers of yoga."
Eric Angen, Teacher, Montreal
Eric Angen, Teacher, Montreal@username
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“This book on yoga inspired me to write a haiku : Easy to follow, Radiating energy, A labour of love."
Debra Black is a Toronto-based CYA-E-RYT-550 who specializes in teaching yin yoga and mindfulness meditation.
Debra Black is a Toronto-based CYA-E-RYT-550 who specializes in teaching yin yoga and mindfulness meditation.@username
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“What a delight for the heart, the body and mind. "Yoga: Going Within A Practice for a Time of Isolation" is a textual and visual treat that provides a yoga student — both a beginner and a more seasoned practitioner -- just what is needed in this time of great uncertainty — a practical guide to dig deep into one’s practice, offering a well-thought out sequence of poses and tips. It is the kind of book that will no doubt resonate for many yogis long after Covid-19 has come and gone as we all know isolation can come in many forms.”
Sheilagh Simons
Sheilagh Simons@username
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"Candy for the eyes! Makes me want to take up yoga again too!"
Michaele Mark, Ceramist and Teacher, Jerusalem, Israel
Michaele Mark, Ceramist and Teacher, Jerusalem, Israel@username
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"The illustrations inspire me to do yoga surrounded by these paintings. Soft and flowing both in movement and colour, the paintings have depth and rhythm, like soothing dreams. I see the circular motion as a reference to the mandala. It is so nice to flip through them over and over."
Norma Sherman, Lecturer at McGill University Music Faculty, Montreal, Quebec
Norma Sherman, Lecturer at McGill University Music Faculty, Montreal, Quebec@username
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"I discovered yoga almost twenty years ago, I discovered Malcolm around fifteen years ago, I discovered Joyce a few short years ago, and NOW, look what I’ve discovered: a WONDERFUL BOOK that combines ALL THREE!! I feel so lucky!!"